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Mad Men Birthday Party – Man’s 60th Birthday Party Plans

The Mad Men theme party would also work well for a 50th Birthday Party, or maybe just for fun. Jeanne Benedict recently hosted a Mad Men party for her husband—whose birthday coincided with the 4th season premier–with some pretty cool features:

  • She bought a sheet of luan (thin, pliable wood that’s used for doormaking) stained it and used cricut letters to recreate the old Sterling Cooper… door
  • She bought martini shakers from the dollar store for each guest and used them as table decor
  • She used a vintage recipe book from the 1960’s to make tray appetizers like “Clam Casino” and “ham balls”
  • She printed the show’s signature red, black and white Mad Men logo for use in the centerpiece
  • She even died her hair red for the affair

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