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Birthday Traditions

Birthday traditions are special in our house. We have a few birthday traditions that the kids love, they look forward to them all year long.

Birthday Poster
My 13 yr old feels that it’s very important that everyone wakes up to a decorated house on their birthday, so she makes a birthday poster and hangs streamers for everyone on their birthday. I was very touched this year when my 9 yr old made a poster for HER when her birthday came. We leave it up for a ong time, usually until the next birthday comes. With this many kids in the house, there’s always another one just around the corner. stays up late

Birthday Dinner
The birthday girl gets to choose what we have for dinner. Anything they want, really. It’s usually pizza or macaroni & cheese, but we’ve had meatloaf, fried chicken, grilled cheese and even TV dinners. One year, we allowed them to choose a restaurant and we ate out for everyone’s birthday but with 6 kids it was a bit much. Our birthdays are November, November, December, December, August & April, so it gets a bit tight at the end of the year with 4 kid birthdays and winter holidays to shop for.

Birthday Cake (or not)
If they choose a dessert other than cake, we stick candles in it. We’ve sung happy birthday over apple pie and pumpkin pie before. I recently wrote about the cupcakes my 4 yr old chose for her birthday, they were decorated in pink fondant with pink frosting stars and pink marshmallows. We’ve also had fudge, brownies and even popsicles.

Birthday Letter
I got this idea from MyDigitalDilemma.com, on January 1st they posted a form-love-letter to fill out for your kids. What a sweet tradition. I know some people, like Heather (what’s-her-last-name?) from Dooce.com posts one to her daughter every month on her website. I like an annual letter, since birthdays always make me think of how much the kids have grown and changed over the years.

So, what birthday traditions do you have?

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