Easy Balloon Arches

Perfect Cartoon Cakes

Have you ever wondered how to duplicate a cartoon character onto a cake PERFECTLY? It’s easy and fun, people will be amazed with the results. Carton birthday cakes are easy to make. Almost anyone can make one and when you see it you’ll say “I can’t believe I did that.”

Print a black lined image of the character you’re using, make sure that the image is sized so that it will fit on the cake. Use the cake pan as a guide.

Lay a sheet of waked paper over the printout and trace it with a black permanent marker, firmly on the NON_SHINY side.

Turn the waxed paper over, so that the shiny side is facing up and TAPE it onto a piece of cardboard, a dinner plate (if it won’t get distorted) or a cookie sheet.

Use a piping bag and frosting to fill in all of the interior areas with colored frosting, leaving a definite empty space between each color, for your solid black lines.

Once those areas are done, stick the whole thing in the fridge, uncovered, until the frosting hardens and then take it out to do the black lines in between. This double-step process will keep the frosting colors from bleeding into one another.

When you’re done, stick it all back into the fridge.

When you’re ready to put it on the cake, just turn it over. The shiny side of the waxed paper will create a perfectly smooth surface for your cartoon characters.

Go over the black lines if you wish, or go over the outside with raised stars for definition or a frame.

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