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Flower Fairy Birthday Invitations

We made Tinker Bell Birthday Party invitations.  It was so fun and easy.   We cut two large two skeets of pink tissue paper into a circular, imperfect shape with wave, irregular  edges.  Then, we wrinkled them up & put them back together, kind of offset so that the edges didn’t exactly match up.  We put a little bit of glue in between them, in the center only.  Then, we laid a bowl on a round piece of cardstock so we could trace and cut a perfect circle.  On that circle, we wrote the pertinent party information and glued it to the center of the tissue paper.  Because the black ink on white paper didn’t look too cool, I marbled over it with a green and brown watercolor wash.  Another option would be to create a double-layer card that opened, and have the top look textured or beaded like the center of a flower.

After the glue dried, we folded the “petals” in, by going around the circle and bringing small sections in.  This helps it “fan” out when it “blooms.  Once it’s all folded in, wrap a sleeve of paper around it for a note that says “Please help this flower bloom Love, Tinkerbell”   I used a piece of handmade parchment-looking paper, with raw edges and infused lavender petals.   When the “sleeve” is removed, the flower is unfolded to reveal the party invitation.  Amazing, we had ALL the RSVPs back immediately, within 48 hours of mailing.

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