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Free Birthday Cards – Printable Birthday Cards

There are several resources for making free birthday cards. American Greeting Cards company has printable cards on their website that you can actually design yourself. They give you a template for printable birthday cards, and some words to work with but you can change everything. I know in my town, I can go to Wal mart and get a package of 500 sheets of cardstock for under $5.oo- that’s a penny a page, which is a bargain compared to the $3-$5 they want at the store for ONE birthday card.

One thing we’ve done in order to preserve ink when printing homemade birthday cards is to paint the page with watercolor paint first, then allow it to dry and iron it if the page has warped (it shouldn’t with card stock but sometimes the kids use more water than paint – it happens)

Anyways, once it’s ironed out nicely, just run it through the printer with a black image (I’m always so tempted to say black and white but really, there’s no white)

You could use this for invitations, too.

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