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Making Invitations with The Five W’s

I’ll never forget the year we sent out invitations without the actual time of the party. Truthfully, we hadn’t thought about it. We chose a theme, then picked a day. For us, the party would last all day long. We’d be setting up, preparing food, entertaining guests and then cleaning up. The guests, however, would only be there for a portion of our busy day and everyone wanted to know “when?”

It was a silly oversight, but a lesson was learned.

Never forget the Five W’s of Birthday Party Invitations

Who – whose party is this?
What – what are we celebrating? A fifth birthday? A sweet sixteen?
When- When is the party, include the date as well as the start and end-time.
Where – If all your guests will understand “our house” that’s fine, but for other locations, or for guests who haven’t been to your house, you might want to print a little google map
Why- give them a little sampling of the activities you’ve planned, by mentioning the pinata, the clown you’ve hired or the messy fun you’ll be having. This helps guests know what to wear and what to expect, and builds excitement.

I strongly feel that the effor thtat goes into makign homemade birthday party invitations is worth it, because people are more likely to come to a party when they can see the love and attention you put into the invitations.  If the invitations are this good, imagine what the rest of the party will be like.

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