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Birthday Present Ideas for Gifts

Are you stuck for a gift, wondering “What is a good birthday gift?” or “What kind of present should I get?” Here are a few ideas for presents that I found, with gift ideas for adults and children’s birthday present ideas, too.

Personalized Gifts

2Blockheads has fun personalized gifts for kids, like music CDs where they actulaly sing the child’s name into the songs. My kids got them when they were little and LOVED them. In fact, when my 12 yr old is down, I sing her one of the goofier songs and she smiles. She probably thinks I’m a total nerd.

Gifts for Geeks

ThinkGeek.com has some of the most amazing products. They’re like Spencers, only instead of extreme trashy gifts, they have extremely smart gifts. Like a garden stake that sends you a tweet on twitter if the plant needs water, an Electronic Drum Kit Shirt that really lets you play the drums just by poking yourself in the chest and of course the stuffed zombies. Because those are smart, right?

(EDITED- hey if you get the shirt, use the coupon promo: DNDRUM for a discount)

Handmade Gifts can save the economy

Not such a lofty claim, really. Buying handmade Christmas gifts really can save the economy in the United States. Recently, since Americans were having trouble paying their mortgages, several United States banks faced bankruptcy. Instead of bailing out the people and allowing us to save our homes by paying our mortgages, the US government decided to bail out the banks, keeping many families on the brink of homelessness and securing the financial future of the banks, instead of the people. Learn how buying handmade gifts can save the economy, and find places to buy handmade gifts.

Gifts for Couples

If you’re shopping for couples gifts, for part of a gift exchange or even as an anniversary gift or for Christmas, try to look beyond the obvious gift cards and think outside the box. Try some of these out-of-the-box ideas for presents for couples on your shopping list.

Gifts for Homeschoolers

Kids educational toys make learning fun. Homeschooling families appreciate educational gifts and developmental toys for learning. Shop for kids educational toys online.

Law of Attraction gifts

If you or someone you love is a fan of The Secret, or A Course in Miracles, you can find Law of attraction gifts to give them during the holidays. It’s really nice to see people improving their lives and making better decisions when they finally “get it” and LOA gifts make great Christmas presents. Learn about this year’s hottest Law of Attraction gifts.

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