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Free Printable Birthday Invitations - Free Firefighter Party Invitations

If you’re having a firefighter birthday party, be sure to download and print these Free firefighter invitations

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Storing Birthday Party Stuff

We buy party supplies and other birthday party stuff on clearance all year long, but if I don’t watch it, we’ll end up using it before the next birthday. We had some Cinderella napkins that I got for ten cents, with the intention of using them for birthdays. I should have saved them, but the kids were so excited to see them that I ended up using them just to use.

That was nice and all, I don’t regret it, we just ended up getting more and it wasn’t a big deal, but if I let that happen all the time, then having the printed napkins at the party wouldn’t be very exciting. They’d be jaded.

Where to put the Birthday Party Stuff?

So I have a box in my laundry room, a rubbermaid storage box where I toss birthday party stuff. Halloween was about 2 weeks ago and I just got a a TON of candy that we can use in pinatas, for a very very low price. I also got a bunch of colored frosting tubes. They’re in a 4 pack of green, orange, purple and black so I doubt all 4 of them would be used at once, but every little bit counts, especially when you consider that the original price was 5.99 and I paid 32 cents.

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Flower Fairy Birthday Invitations

We made Tinker Bell Birthday Party invitations.  It was so fun and easy.   We cut two large two skeets of pink tissue paper into a circular, imperfect shape with wave, irregular  edges.  Then, we wrinkled them up & put them back together, kind of offset so that the edges didn’t exactly match up.  We put a little bit of glue in between them, in the center only.  Then, we laid a bowl on a round piece of cardstock so we could trace and cut a perfect circle.  On that circle, we wrote the pertinent party information and glued it to the center of the tissue paper.  Because the black ink on white paper didn’t look too cool, I marbled over it with a green and brown watercolor wash.  Another option would be to create a double-layer card that opened, and have the top look textured or beaded like the center of a flower.

After the glue dried, we folded the “petals” in, by going around the circle and bringing small sections in.  This helps it “fan” out when it “blooms.  Once it’s all folded in, wrap a sleeve of paper around it for a note that says “Please help this flower bloom Love, Tinkerbell”   I used a piece of handmade parchment-looking paper, with raw edges and infused lavender petals.   When the “sleeve” is removed, the flower is unfolded to reveal the party invitation.  Amazing, we had ALL the RSVPs back immediately, within 48 hours of mailing.

Free Birthday Cards – Printable Birthday Cards

There are several resources for making free birthday cards. American Greeting Cards company has printable cards on their website that you can actually design yourself. They give you a template for printable birthday cards, and some words to work with but you can change everything. I know in my town, I can go to Wal mart and get a package of 500 sheets of cardstock for under $5.oo- that’s a penny a page, which is a bargain compared to the $3-$5 they want at the store for ONE birthday card.

One thing we’ve done in order to preserve ink when printing homemade birthday cards is to paint the page with watercolor paint first, then allow it to dry and iron it if the page has warped (it shouldn’t with card stock but sometimes the kids use more water than paint – it happens)

Anyways, once it’s ironed out nicely, just run it through the printer with a black image (I’m always so tempted to say black and white but really, there’s no white)

You could use this for invitations, too.

Bargains on Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations

You can make Hello Kitty Invitations, or buy them. Amazon has 8 packs of Hello Kitty Invitations, as well as the Hello Kitty Notecard Portfolio Invitations and finally the Easy Invitation Design Program.

Making Invitations with The Five W’s

I’ll never forget the year we sent out invitations without the actual time of the party. Truthfully, we hadn’t thought about it. We chose a theme, then picked a day. For us, the party would last all day long. We’d be setting up, preparing food, entertaining guests and then cleaning up. The guests, however, would only be there for a portion of our busy day and everyone wanted to know “when?”

It was a silly oversight, but a lesson was learned.

Never forget the Five W’s of Birthday Party Invitations

Who – whose party is this?
What – what are we celebrating? A fifth birthday? A sweet sixteen?
When- When is the party, include the date as well as the start and end-time.
Where – If all your guests will understand “our house” that’s fine, but for other locations, or for guests who haven’t been to your house, you might want to print a little google map
Why- give them a little sampling of the activities you’ve planned, by mentioning the pinata, the clown you’ve hired or the messy fun you’ll be having. This helps guests know what to wear and what to expect, and builds excitement.

I strongly feel that the effor thtat goes into makign homemade birthday party invitations is worth it, because people are more likely to come to a party when they can see the love and attention you put into the invitations.  If the invitations are this good, imagine what the rest of the party will be like.

Teddy Bear Scrapbook Invitations

Visit your local craft store, paper art supply store or scrapbooking store to create custom teddy bear invitations. Scrapbooking stores have a huge array of patterned paper sheets, as well as teeny embellishments, just the right size for a bear. They also have idea books that you can use for inspiration. Some stores offer an open studio time where visitors can access all of the fancy cutting tool, hole punchers, rubber stamps and other items for a flat rate. Staffing at these stores is often comprised of scrapbook enthusiasts who enjoy sharing the craft with others, and can help you with your project.

Sports Party Invitations

make invitations for a baseball party, a football party, a basketball party, a soccer party or a tennis party.  basically, any sports themed party with a ball would work for this invitation.

Fold a sheet of heavy card stock paper into an accordion

Lay a cup or bowl over the folded paper, so that it cuts across each edge, no more than 1/4 inch

Trace the cup and the cut along the lines, so that when it unfolds you have paper-doll style balls.

Use markers or crayons to color the front of one to look like the actual party ball theme, or print out a perfect one and adhere it to the front.  On the inside of circles, write the pertinent party details.

Purse Invitations – Purse Birthday Cards

You can use this purse pattern to print adorable little purse cards to use for invitations or birthday cards.
pursetemplate1pursetemplate2Just right-click on each one and click “save picture” to get it onto your computer.  Then, in you word processing program or your graphic design program, open the picture file onto a page and print it out on card stock.  Cut it out and use it as a traceable pattern on patterned paper.  Wouldn’t this be perfect for a little girl’s diva party?  I wonder if I can make a little paper poodle to put inside?

How to Write Poetic Invitations

Make a list of everything that has anything to do with your theme.

For example- if it was a Hawaiian Luau, I’d make a lit of things like “hula, luau, pig, sand, waves, beach, island, pineapple, fruit, lei and things like that

Then I’d answer the 5 w’s

Lindsay’s birthday party in the big picnic area at the park saturday at 2pm

Then I’d start to look for rhymes

Lindsey- is king of like Island-y
picnig area that’s big can rhyme with pig

Aloha. I, Lindsey and feeling Islandy,
please come to my Luau,
you’re sure to say wow.

We’ll meet at 2pm and roast a pig
at the park, in the area that’s big

Come at two
I’d like to see you

And we’ll have some good times
eating limes
because they rhymes

Anyway- they do not have to be perfect. The goofier the better. It gets the point across.