Easy Balloon Arches

Directions for Making a Scavenger Hunt

Making a scavenger hunt is a systematic process. Even if you don’t want to use a software program to design a scavenger hunt, you can still make a fantastic hunt activity. Nikki from Scavenger Hunt Party Games has developed a system for planning scavenger hunts that makes it foolproof, and workable for all age groups. She’s had a great amount of success with her system and it’s really easy to follow. I like that she understands what a challenge it can be to plan a party and makes the scavenger hunt program so easy to use. I also like that when we plan scavenger hunts the kids aren’t being shuffled from one activity to another, and it holds the interest of even the teenagers.

Birthday Party Treasure Hunts

oh my goodness, I am so glad to have found the Riddle me program. I’m creative, but come on. This makes it so easy to plan scavenger hunts for the kids birthday parties. They love scavenger hunts, in fact it’s not just for birthday parties. We used one at the museum, when we planned a field trip once. I love that I can customize it almost brainlessly, to accommodate my older kids or the younger ones. And it’s easy enough that my 8 yr old used it to plan a treasure hunt for her friends when they had a little slumber party. I hope you enjoy it, too.