Easy Balloon Arches

Twilight Birthday Cakes

If you’re planning a Twilight-themed birthday party, there are several fun, creative and beautiful cake ideas you can choose from.

Twilight Book Cover Cake

The image of the two hands holding the apple is a popular one for Twilight cakes. There are several ways to execute a twilight book cover cake, the image shows a set of 4 cakes, each modeled after a different Twilight book.

Twilight Photo Cake

If you have a photo printer (purchase from the left sidebar) you can print the image you want on your cake, then just lay it on the frosting. use a frosting bag to make a nice frame around it, like this Twilight photo cake, it has a picture of Bella and Edward on the left side and Happy Birthday Alyssa on the right.

Twilight Cake Wrecks

Can you spot the disaster in this cake? To be honest, I haven’t read any of the books or seen any of the movies, but I know one thing. The author’s name is Stephenie Meyers.

Fancy Fondant Twilight Cakes

This cake is beautiful, and much more appropriate for an upscale birthday, or a sweet sixteen. If you need help working with fondant, check out the Frosted Dreams ebook or the video tutorials at the Cake Decorating Club, plus I have fondant and gumpaste decorating information here.

Twilight Cupcakes

I think these are supposed to maybe be vampire teeth bites. They might be cheesy, but they’re definitely an easy Twilight cake decorating maneuver.

I think these are the best Twilight cupcakes I’ve seen. These would definitely be a conversation starter, especially as teens argued over who gets which one.

Funny Twilight Cakes

I think this one is hilarious, I just had to include it because I think it’s the funniest Twilight cake I’ve seen so far.

If you decide to bake a Twilight Cake, go ahead and email me a picture of it, I can post it right here and share it with our readers and even link back to your blog or website.

Finger Foods for Parties

Since the parties I plan are all for kids, I like to do finger foods. You just can’t make a room full of 6-year-olds wash their hands every 2 seconds, especially with only one bathroom. Here’s a list of our favorite finger foods to serve at parties

Deviled Eggs
– These go really quickly. for our recent Princess Party, i added green food coloring to the yolks and called them “Deviled Dragon Eggs” If I had thought about it ahead of time, I would have soaked the egg whites in purple food coloring, but it’s too late now. A sprinkle of paprika over the top of the whites makes them spotted.

Finger Sandwiches
– I usually use a slice of wheat and a slice of white because I absolutely hate the texture of white bread. Our most common filling is a blend of cream cheese and strawberry jelly. We also blend peanut butter & apple butter. Hummus and cucumber works well, as does cream cheese with dill and cucumbers. Ham and swiss is popular, too. I cut off the crust and cut each sandwich into thirds

Teeny Piggies
– Cut a crescent roll into thirds and wrap each wedge around a vienna sausage, then bake until the bread is cooked. I use hot sausages and have no idea what oven temp, I just check them every few minutes until they’re done. Sometimes I place a diced piece of cheese on top and press the toothpick through both. The cheese melts a little, it’s tasty.

I found these sites helpful, Finger Food Recipes and Finger Foods from Good Housekeeping

Cake Tint Spray-on Food Coloring

This cake tint has to be the absolute most amazing product on the planet. I was first introduced to it at my friend Emily’s house, she had sprayed the popcorn pink for a Princess party. Isn’t that genius? Obviously it dries fast if it can be used on popcorn, even though it’s designed for cakes. The possibilities are endless, I think it’s the most exciting food invention since K-cups.

They come individually, or in the set. Click on the group image to find them individually.

Luau Party Foods

Pineapple party foods are fun to look at and to eat. Slice a pineapple in half and hollow it out, then fill it with tuna salad or chicken salad or even just some veggie dip.

Fruit kabobs make great tropical luau foods – line up grapes, chunks of watermelon, cantaloupe, berries, mandarin orange slices, bananas, pineapple, apple chunks and pear wedges, then display them by poking the bamboo skewers into a pineapple

Shop luau decorations and favors.

Use a fishbowl to serve goldfish crackers and call them “koi”

Macadamia nuts are tasty, add them to trail mix or party mix

Place a large bowl inside of a beachcomber hat, to decorate the table.