Easy Balloon Arches

Tiki Torch Candles and Totem Poles

2017 update- I’m learning about cultural appropriation and I’m not entirely sure I understand the difference between appropriation and appreciation, so I’m not posting this to offend. I’m posting this because people like to have luau themed parties and they need supplies. Just know that there are people out there judging for this. I don’t recommend inviting those people to your party.

Storing Birthday Party Stuff

We buy party supplies and other birthday party stuff on clearance all year long, but if I don’t watch it, we’ll end up using it before the next birthday. We had some Cinderella napkins that I got for ten cents, with the intention of using them for birthdays. I should have saved them, but the kids were so excited to see them that I ended up using them just to use.

That was nice and all, I don’t regret it, we just ended up getting more and it wasn’t a big deal, but if I let that happen all the time, then having the printed napkins at the party wouldn’t be very exciting. They’d be jaded.

Where to put the Birthday Party Stuff?

So I have a box in my laundry room, a rubbermaid storage box where I toss birthday party stuff. Halloween was about 2 weeks ago and I just got a a TON of candy that we can use in pinatas, for a very very low price. I also got a bunch of colored frosting tubes. They’re in a 4 pack of green, orange, purple and black so I doubt all 4 of them would be used at once, but every little bit counts, especially when you consider that the original price was 5.99 and I paid 32 cents.

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Birthday Balloon Arch

I am so proud of myself- I made the coolest balloon archway for the entrance to the bubble party. I had a lot of clear balloons floating around everywhere, and I made giant play bubble wands with cardboard (it was so easy) the kids had a great time. I thought it was going to be easy to figure out, i had some nylon ribbon and I was just tying the balloons to it, but they were awkward and didn’t sit right and it was taking forever because I was using directions I’d found on like wikiHow or something. So then I downloaded the Balloon Decor Secrets ebook and it was so much easier. Plus, she has so many ideas for different balloon things you can make. The book is intended to help you make a business of balloon things. i imagine if you already had a catering company or a florist company, adding balloon stuff would be a good way to make more money with catering or with flower arrangements- wedding planning, party planning, etc. But the eBook is priced low enough that even I (the lady with 6 kids) could afford it.

Pirate Party Decorations

Did you know there’s an actual “pirate party” in politics? yeah- that’s boring, sorry we’re talking about a Pirate birthday party now. Specifically, pirate party decorations. For a pirate party, a Jolly Roger flag flying on a ship’s mast, some some old wooden signs pointing to the Caribbean or a banner over the drive saying “landlubber beware” make great decorations. You can cover the party table in black or red and accent with streamers, balloons and confetti. If your really ambitious you can create a pirate ship out of some large appliance boxes for a special play area just for the party.

Pirate Party Decorations

Pirate Flag

Pirate Flag

from Decorating Ideas for a Pirate Party

You can convert your entire house or rented party room into a pirate ship, a tropical island or a pirate’s treasure cave. Find pirate party decorations in your community and online. Consider buying or making a pirate centerpiece, decorating your own pirate cake and renting pirate party decor.
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Flower Fairy Birthday Streamers

Make fairy party decorations.

You can make paper flower streamers and it’s so easy.  Picture a giant Hawaiian lei, strung up from the ceiling, trailing down chairs, they’re beautiful.

These worked well for our Tinker bell party, but would also do well with a Hawaiian Luau, or a tropical party, a Secret Garden party, even a Barbie or Dora the Explorer party.

Cut several 6 inch circles from a stack of colorful tissue paper.

Pinch together the center of the circle, and staple. Then, snip into the “petals” about 1/2-1 inch deep and then “wrinkle” the petals.  That’s all there is to it.  To string them up, thread a needle with fishing line and “sew” them together, use a knot at the bast of each flower 9wrapped around the staple) for stability.  They can be close together or far apart.  I liked mine with about 10 inches between the flowers because I hung them with white Christmas lights and green ivy.  I also added ribbon to the ends of them.  The gola was a wild and messy look that’s part cartoon magic and part nature.