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Storing Birthday Party Stuff

We buy party supplies and other birthday party stuff on clearance all year long, but if I don’t watch it, we’ll end up using it before the next birthday. We had some Cinderella napkins that I got for ten cents, with the intention of using them for birthdays. I should have saved them, but the kids were so excited to see them that I ended up using them just to use.

That was nice and all, I don’t regret it, we just ended up getting more and it wasn’t a big deal, but if I let that happen all the time, then having the printed napkins at the party wouldn’t be very exciting. They’d be jaded.

Where to put the Birthday Party Stuff?

So I have a box in my laundry room, a rubbermaid storage box where I toss birthday party stuff. Halloween was about 2 weeks ago and I just got a a TON of candy that we can use in pinatas, for a very very low price. I also got a bunch of colored frosting tubes. They’re in a 4 pack of green, orange, purple and black so I doubt all 4 of them would be used at once, but every little bit counts, especially when you consider that the original price was 5.99 and I paid 32 cents.

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Ideas for Party Favors

Your party favors will generally be something that matches your party theme and that your guests take home to enjoy. They don’t need to be expensive, they just need to extend the theme of the party, and give the kids something to do later.

Food favors are fun, you can place a packet of hot cocoa into a coffee mug and fill the rest with mini marshmallows. I don’t know about you but my kids just LOVE having their own mugs.

An old-fashioned backyard party is good because you don’t have to focus on any specific theme, you can just get party favors that are FUN- so any little puzzles, a jumprope, a ball or a badminton set make fine party favors.

Art Party Favors

For an art themed party:

Pick up some dollar store coloring books and crayons. Lay the box of crayons on top of the coloring book and roll it up with a ribbon.

You can also give watercolor paints and paintbrushes.

HINT: If you buy these items during back-to-school shopping season, they can be really cheap. We get bottles of elmer’s glue and boxes crayons for 25cents at Wal Mart every August-September. I end up spending like $40 a year and we NEVER EVER EVER run out. In fact, I’m thinking w might skip the notebooks this year. We usually get 2 cases (48 notebooks) and we have about half a case left this year, I guess that’s off topic. Anyway, these notebooks are usually ten cents each but this year they’re 15 cents, which is still a LOT cheaper than the #notbacktoschool price at any drug or grocery store, which is anywhere from $1-$4.

An artist’s smock or apron
A set of high quality acrylic starter paints
A potato and a cookie cutter, with instructions for making potato stampers