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Twilight Birthday Cakes

If you’re planning a Twilight-themed birthday party, there are several fun, creative and beautiful cake ideas you can choose from.

Twilight Book Cover Cake

The image of the two hands holding the apple is a popular one for Twilight cakes. There are several ways to execute a twilight book cover cake, the image shows a set of 4 cakes, each modeled after a different Twilight book.

Twilight Photo Cake

If you have a photo printer (purchase from the left sidebar) you can print the image you want on your cake, then just lay it on the frosting. use a frosting bag to make a nice frame around it, like this Twilight photo cake, it has a picture of Bella and Edward on the left side and Happy Birthday Alyssa on the right.

Twilight Cake Wrecks

Can you spot the disaster in this cake? To be honest, I haven’t read any of the books or seen any of the movies, but I know one thing. The author’s name is Stephenie Meyers.

Fancy Fondant Twilight Cakes

This cake is beautiful, and much more appropriate for an upscale birthday, or a sweet sixteen. If you need help working with fondant, check out the Frosted Dreams ebook or the video tutorials at the Cake Decorating Club, plus I have fondant and gumpaste decorating information here.

Twilight Cupcakes

I think these are supposed to maybe be vampire teeth bites. They might be cheesy, but they’re definitely an easy Twilight cake decorating maneuver.

I think these are the best Twilight cupcakes I’ve seen. These would definitely be a conversation starter, especially as teens argued over who gets which one.

Funny Twilight Cakes

I think this one is hilarious, I just had to include it because I think it’s the funniest Twilight cake I’ve seen so far.

If you decide to bake a Twilight Cake, go ahead and email me a picture of it, I can post it right here and share it with our readers and even link back to your blog or website.

Twilight Birthday Party for Teens and Tweens (and maybe adults)

According to Jamie Hobbs, the author of Planning a Twilight Birthday Party Alice threw a great birthday party for Bella and you can use that for inspiration when panning your teen’s birthday party with a Twilight theme.

Twilight Themed Party

The genius behind the Jamie’s Twilight birthday party planning method is that it involves the cooperation of your daughter’s friends. Recruit her best friends to do the dirty work, so that you can be sure not to do anything dorky.

Twilight Party Favors
Online party supply vendors have jumped on the bandwagon offering several Twilight themed posters, tablecloths, napkins, plates and other birthday party supplies. They should be easy to find online and at your local party supply store.

Twilight Invitations

You can use the book covers for inspiration, PhotoShop your daughter into screenshots from the movie or check Jamie’s article for additional suggestions.

Twilight Party Games

In Twilight, the presence of any birthday party games were overshadowed by the overwhelming distraction, first of a paper-cut and then a gushing bloody broken-vase injury. Be sure to plan safe games and offer up good prizes. Teens like Starbucks gift cards, art supplies and of course, Twilight items. You can probably find key chains, bookmarks and other accessories fairly easily. Order in bulk online and save money.

And, if I haven’t mentioned it, check out Planning a Twilight Birthday Party by Jamie Hobbs and Twilight Birthday Cakes.