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Guide to Choosing Party Themes - Homemade Birthday Party Ideas

Easy Balloon Arches

Guide to Choosing Party Themes

Does every party need a theme? Absolutely not. Is themed party planning more fun? Totally. Then again, I’m planning 8 birthday parties a year, so working from theme really helps. We have it down to a formula, a science. Here are a few ideas to help you choose a theme, and then a few party themes to get you started

What does the child want their theme to be?

That’s probably the most important question. For smaller kids, the idea of a party theme might be something they haven’t even considered yet, in which case you’ll want to ask them what their favorite thing is. Is it horses? Great, plan a horse themed birthday party. Do they like Spongebob? great, plan a Spongebob party. What if they like swimming, then a swimming party, it is. Even in December. It can be done.

Sometimes you have to work with the seasons, it’s obviously easier to plan a pool party in the summer than in the winter, but anything is possible.

Pay attention to the things your child is interested in and keep your eyes open all year long for bargains and things they like. You can plan a themed party without spending a fortune and themed parties always look better.

Use the theme you’ve chosen, along with our guide to planning birthday parties, and you’ve got the ticket to a great party.

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