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Guide to Planning Homemade Birthday Parties - Homemade Birthday Party Ideas

Easy Balloon Arches

Guide to Planning Homemade Birthday Parties

At HomemadeBirthdays.com we have a commitment to sharing ideas and resources for help planning birthday parties. Whether you’re planning a themed party, an old fashioned party or a fancy party, you’ll find everything you need right here.

When you plan a birthday party, there are some important things to consider. Invitations are important, if you want guests. An invitation can be verbal or a physical card. Heck, these days you can even send an email invitation. For some age groups, it’s important to have party games and activities planned, while other age groups prefer free play or self-directed social time. You have to feed your guests. The party foods that you supply are important, but there are ways to save money and please your guests. Then there’s the birthday cake; making extravagant birthday cakes isn’t difficult, anyone can learn how to make awesome birthday cakes, just don’t be so picky. You might think your “Elmo cake” sucks, buy your three year old will think you are the Queen when she sees it. party favors are important, too. Your guests will appreciate that you thought of getting THEM a gift, and when it’s all over, the birthday thank-you cards that you send might be the most important factor of all.

Making Homemade Birthday Party Invitations
Making Homemade Birthday Party Decorations
Making Homemade Birthday Party Games
Making Homemade Birthday Party Foods
Making Homemade Birthday Party Favors
Making Homemade Birthday Party Thank-You Cards

Buying Discount Party Invitations
Buying Discount Party Decorations
Planning Cheap Party games
Buying Birthday Party Foods; Planning a Birthday Party Menu
Ideas for Cheap (but good) Party Favors
Buying or Discount Thank you Cards
Kids Planning their own Parties

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