Easy Balloon Arches

Pin the tail on the donkey

I will never understand why pin the tail on the donkey ever came to be. I do, however, understand that watching your blindfolded friend attempt to stick something to a prescribed place on the wall is fun. Here are some guidelines for making a homemade pin the ____ on the ____ game.

If you’re making your own game, begin with a piece of poster board. In my area, we can get them from the dollar store, 3 for a dollar for the white ones or two for a dollar for colors.

Figure out what’s going to be “missing.” For example, if you’re making a Minnie Mouse game, you may want to leave an empty space for the bow in her hair. If you’re making an animal-themed game, you could just do a large animal face- like a cat, and leave off his nose or something.

Use a pencil to sketch out your background image before you begin, then use acrylic or tempera paint to paint in the details.

You may want to find or create several of the “missing item” before you create the background so you can be sure that it fits.

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