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Party Games for Every Theme

Some party games are no-brainers. Everyone knows how to play these games and all you need to do is re-theme them to match your birthday party.

Pin the ____ on the ______
This is one of the most popular party game conversions on the planet. Originally Pin the tail on the donkey
, it’s been used and abused and reworked more times than we can probably imagine. To confuse matters further, people generally use tape instead of pins, but “tape the ____ on the ____” just doesn’t sound as good, does it? Here are a few ideas:

Pin the hat on the cowboy (game for a cowboy party)
Pin the crown on the princess (game for a princess party)
Pin the S on Superman (game for a Superhero party)
Pin the head on Scooby Doo (game for a Scooby Doo party)
Pin the frog on the lily pad (game for a nature themed party)
Pin the tail on the lion (game for a jungle theme party)

Musical Chairs
This game is so easy to convert to a new party theme because all you need to do is choose different music. For some themes it will be easy, Disney movies are all made with a soundtrack. For other themes you might want to get creative with your music selection. If you can’t think of special music, think of a way to decorate or arrange the chairs, instead. Musical chairs conforms to party themes easily.

Hot Potato (or something like that)

Basically, players pass a beanbag (or something) around a circle while the music plays. Whoever is caught holding the beanbag (potato) when the music stops is burned. The game could be converted for any birthday party theme. Maybe one of the following ideas will suit your theme

Hot lava bomb (luau party game)
Poison Apple (game for a snow white party)
Pass the goldfish bowl (Cat in the hat party game – use a real goldfish in a bowl for extra fun)

Beanbag Toss

The first time you make this game, you’ll have to use your construction skills, carving a hole in a piece of plywood for guests to toss a beanbag through. Be sure to make the hole rather large. You can make the game more or less difficult for each age group by making older kids stand further from the line and younger kids stand closer to it. Each time you use it afterward, all you need to do is repaint the background to conform to the new theme. You can use a similar method to make a ring toss game, too. Here are some beanbag toss ideas for your next party:

Feed the clown (circus party game)
Feed the shark (under the sea party theme, Sharks or the Little Mermaid theme)

Use your imagination to think of more party games that can be converted to fit your party theme. If a cake can go with any theme, so can a game.

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