Easy Balloon Arches

Wild Western Cowboy Party Games

# Wagons and horses Wheel barrow race
# Escape from Jail Divide the kids into 2 teams of bandits, each with a sheriff. The sheriff has to catch a member of the opposite team by touching them. They are then considered to be in jail and must stand still. Their team mates can rescue them by crawling though their legs but if they are caught doing so, they are also have to stand still and are in jail. First team to catch all the other bandits is the winner.
# Horseshoe toss Set up some plastic bottles filled with sand. The kids have to see if they can toss the horseshoe over the bottles. If you don’t have any horseshoes, just use rubber dog rings.
# Water gun shoot out See how many plastic cowboys they can knock down using water pistols
# Bandit hunt Hide some plastic cowboys around the yard or the house. See who can find the most.
# Boot Toss The children need to try and toss the bean bags into some big Wellington boots or a large cowboy hat.
# Panning for gold/nuggets Spray paint small bits of gravel in gold and bury in the sand box. Add water. Give each child a disposable aluminum pie tin with holes punctured in the bottom. Let them sieve the sand/water and see who can find the gold nuggets.
# Gold Rush Hide chocolate money around the yard or house and send the kids on a gold rush to see who can find the most coins.
# Rattlesnake rumpus Make a rattlesnake out of a long sock stuffed with a rattle at the end and then padded out with newspaper. Sit the cowboys/girls in a circle and put on some music. While the music is playing, they have to pass round the rattlesnake but once the music stops, the person left holding the snake is said to have been bitten and sits out of the game.

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