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Xmas Party Ideas for Kids

If you’re planning a kids Xmas Party, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got Xmas party invitations, decorations, foods and beverages as well as xmas party games and even music. Here are a few ideas for planning a xmas party

Xmas Party Invitations

– Use green construction paper to make an xmas tree invitation that opens in the center. Just fold a piece of construction paper in half, then open it up and fold each half inward. Lay a Christmas tree stencil on top of the paper or draw your own
– Make a snowman invitation by cutting a snowman from card stock and writing the pertinent party information on the backside.
– Make a Christmas stocking with a real pocket that opens. Write the party info on a cut-out candy cane and stick it in the pocket for a 3d xmas party invitation

Xmas Party Decorations

– Soak horse chestnuts in water and string them up for an old-fashioned nut garland.
– collect fresh scented pine branches and needles from the Xmas tree lot and use them in potpourri blends or sprinkle them on the tables for decoration
– Re-purpose tree decorations to make an Xmas centerpiece
– Remove all the pictures from your walls and wrap them in gift wrap, with a ribbon.
– use twinkling white lights as interior decor, not just on the tree, for a magical feel.

For more artsy Xmas activities, check ArtsyFartsyFamily.com

Xmas Party Foods

– Christmas sugar cookies make excellent party decor
– Star fruit looks pretty and Christmas-y, if you have access to it.
– Divinity or Russian Tea Cakes look like snowballs
– A sprig of rosemary on top of savory dishes looks Christmas-y, especially when paired with fresh cranberries
– Traditional holiday foods like Turkey and stuffing are favorites during the holidays. Serve them at your Xmas party to share the seasonw ith everyone

Xmas Party Games

– A marshmallow snowball fight is fun for kids and grown-ups.
– Have a build-an-igloo contest with toothpicks and marshmallows. Kids can work in teams or individually
– A pin-the-star-on-the-tree poster makes a fun game for smaller kids

Xmas Party Good Deeds

– Consider asking each guest to bring a gift for a family you’re sponsoring
– A white-elephant gift exchange is also fun. Make sure each guest brings something they already have at home, or something that costs less than $5

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