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Finger Foods for Parties

Since the parties I plan are all for kids, I like to do finger foods. You just can’t make a room full of 6-year-olds wash their hands every 2 seconds, especially with only one bathroom. Here’s a list of our favorite finger foods to serve at parties

Deviled Eggs
– These go really quickly. for our recent Princess Party, i added green food coloring to the yolks and called them “Deviled Dragon Eggs” If I had thought about it ahead of time, I would have soaked the egg whites in purple food coloring, but it’s too late now. A sprinkle of paprika over the top of the whites makes them spotted.

Finger Sandwiches
– I usually use a slice of wheat and a slice of white because I absolutely hate the texture of white bread. Our most common filling is a blend of cream cheese and strawberry jelly. We also blend peanut butter & apple butter. Hummus and cucumber works well, as does cream cheese with dill and cucumbers. Ham and swiss is popular, too. I cut off the crust and cut each sandwich into thirds

Teeny Piggies
– Cut a crescent roll into thirds and wrap each wedge around a vienna sausage, then bake until the bread is cooked. I use hot sausages and have no idea what oven temp, I just check them every few minutes until they’re done. Sometimes I place a diced piece of cheese on top and press the toothpick through both. The cheese melts a little, it’s tasty.

I found these sites helpful, Finger Food Recipes and Finger Foods from Good Housekeeping

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