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Personalized Party Planning Newsletter - Homemade Birthday Party Ideas

Easy Balloon Arches

Personalized Party Planning Newsletter

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an email reminder 2 months before your child’s birthday, reminding you to choose a theme and have your child start their guest list?

My kids have a tendency to want to plan their parties all year long. Less than an hour after her guests left last year, Gabriella was already going on about next year’s party. Then, of course, as I’m picking up balloons and listening to them play with new toys, all I hear is “Next year, my party will have a clown” and “Well, At my next birthday I’m having cupcakes shaped like castles.”

The last thing I want to hear about is MORE birthdays at that time.

I find myself getting in the habit of NEVER wanting to discus their birthdays until suddenly someone says “But mom, we only have 18 days left until my birthday. Suddenly, then, I’m scrambling to throw together a great party.

Not anymore.

I’ve created a newsletter. 12 of them, actually, to coincide with each birth month.

Here’s what you get…

2 months before the birth month begins, you get a newsletter with

*current popular party themes for boys and girls of all ages
*guide to choosing themes
*advice for helping your child settle upon a theme (when they want it all)
*a things-to-do list of pre-party necessities
*Printable invitations

1 month before

*printable checklist of thing to do 4 weeks before the party
*printable party-schedule worksheet for choosing games & activities

In the weeks before the birthday, you get

*Printable checklist of things to do before the party
*Age-appropriate party-food menu planning guide
*Several kid-friendly party food recipes that are easy, cheap or both
*List of restaurant chains that offer free birthday dinners or other bonuses
*Printable “day of the party” timeline planner
*A love letter format to write to your child as you anticipate another year
*Safety checklist for having children as guests
*Printable “gift____ from_____” list for keeping track of thank-you’s
*Sample thank you notes, in large font for kids to copy
*Printable Thank-you cards (just in case)

During the Birth month

*access to the entire party planning timeline
*weekly tips and helpful reminders (charge your camera batteries, stash half the napkins for cake-time…)
*Celebrity birthdays (to amuse your child)
*Sweet ways to make your child feel special all month long

1 month afterward

* Feedback form about our newsletter
* Invitation to enter your photos or testimonial into a drawing for prizes

  • We won’t nag you about your child’s birthday party all year long.
  • We won’t give away, sell or rent your information
  • We will never send you an email JUST to tell you about our sponsors

Free Party Planning Bonus

You’ll be added to the main Kids Party Planning Newsletter list for quarterly, seasonal party-planning help, for home parties, classroom parties or even just for making a family dinner memorable.

1 email in January with

-resources and ideas for planning a “Snow Day” party for kids
-resources and ideas for planning a kid-friendly New Year’s party
-resources and ideas for celebrating Valentine’s day with your child
-And other Jan-Feb-March holidays

1 email in April with

-resources and ideas for planning a “Spring has Sprung” party for kids
-resources and ideas for planning an Easter party for kids
-resources and ideas for planning a “May Day” party for kids
-And other April-May-June holidays

1 email in July with

-resources and ideas for planning a “Summer Fun” party for kids
-resources and ideas for planning a backyard barbecue with kids
-resources and ideas for planning a “Spring has Sprung” party for kids
-And other June-July-August holidays

1 email in October with

-resources and ideas for planning a harvest party for kids
-resources and ideas for planning a Halloween party for kids
-resources and ideas for planning a Thanksgiving party for kids
-resources and ideas for planning a Christmas party for kids
-And other October-November-December holidays

Just like the birthday party planning newsletters, you will never see anything other than those 4 emails per year.

When your son’s pre-school asks who wants to handle the class party, volunteer with confidence because we’ve got you covered.

How can you go wrong with a classroom party planning guide that even breaks up party responsibilities into volunteer jobs, so you can enjoy the party while your “helpers” do all the work.

Your children will come to be known as the kids “whose mom throws all those awesome parties”

Using our age-appropriate activities and games, party planning formulas, worksheets and checklists, it’s impossible to go wrong.

You can relax on the day of the party because we’ve thought of everything.  We’ve even researched every possible party emergency and share funny horror stories with you.

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