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Biodegradable Birthday Parties

Eco-friendly party ideas for Going Green Birthdays

Sustaining the earth is a hot topic and now that “going green” is such a mainstream concept, everyone has access to environmentally friendly party products. There are several ways to have a green birthday party, here are a few of my favorite:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and make Homemade Party Invitations

It’s easy to make birthday invitations from reused materials. Check out ArtsyFartsy Family’s File Folder Thank-you cards. This technique can be used to turn file folders into birthday cards, instead of the thank-you cards that they show in the article. The folders can also be cut down to make smaller cards, for birthday invitations and thank-you’s.

Biodegradable Party Foods

Keep it fruity, for a sustainable birthday party, serve local organic foods in season. Factory-made foods are lower in nutritional value and pollute the earth. Whole and natural foods, straight from the source are an earth-friendly option. In the summer, try homemade pico de gallo with free-range chicken fajitas. In the winter, local organic squash can be served roasted, in a stew or cut into “fries.” In the spring, serve baby greens in a sandwich wrap. In the fall, grilled corn-on-the cob and pumpkin-pie-spiced punch are a tasty treat.

Paper plates are biodegradable, but definitely not green, since the papermaking, bleaching and production process is very wasteful and destructive.  If you choose to use paper plates, be sure to compost them and don’t choose the ones with plastic or wax coatings.  Otherwise, your normal everyday dishes are best. if your party is larger than your dish collection, consider renting them from a wedding supply company.

“Green” Party Games

You can have the kids transplant flowers or plant seeds in flowerpots. To ensure success, make sure you discuss the things that plants need to survive.

Have a recyclable relay race. Set up two sets of recycling bins at one end of the room and a large box or bag of things to recycle at the other. Have the kids get into teams and see who can sort the most recyclables. When there’s nothing left to recycle, count to see who sorted the most items. Items sorted into the wrong bin aren’t counted. You should have paper, plastic and corrugated cardboard. Glasses aren’t smart at birthday parties.

Volunteer to pull weeds, replant or otherwise spruce up a public garden. Whether it’s the planter outside of the school office, a nursing home or even a private business. Paint a commemorative rock and have the kids sign their names with permanent markers, to memorialize the event.

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