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20 Ways to Say Thank You

There are several different words to use in Thank-You cards. Thank-You card wording can be difficult to think of, though when you’ve got your pen in hand. Children will sometimes scribble off repetitive Thank-You cards, instead of heartfelt notes of gratitude.

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Printable Thank-You cards

Here are some ideas for Thank-You card wording that you can use:

1. Thank you
2. Thank you so much for the _______, I can’t wait to ________ with it.
3. I just wanted to say thank you, your gift was really special to me because________
4. Thanks so much for giving me a __________, I’ve always wanted one.
5. Thank you for the __________, I’ve never even heard of it before and I’m having a lot of fun with it.
6. Thank you for the ____________, it goes perfectly with my ___________.
7. Thank you so much for the ____________, now I have the whole collection.
8. Thank you for the _____________, I love collecting them.
9. Thank you for the _______________________, how did you know I wanted that?
10. Thank you so much for coming to my party, and thank you for the _________, I can’t wait to play with it.
11. Thank you so much for making my party memorable. I will never forget _____________.
12. Thank you for the birthday money, it’s burning a hole in my pocket.
13. Thank you so much for the gift card, my mother is taking me shopping on Saturday, with my best friends.
14. Thank you so much for sending birthday money. I was saving for a sled and now I have enough
15. Thank you for sending birthday money, I’m saving for our trip to Disneyland and I can’t wait to send you a picture of me & Mickey Mouse
16. Thank you so much for the _______________, I will think of you every time I wear it.
17. Thank you so much for taking me to __________ for my birthday, it was a very special day that I will never forget
18. Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me
19. Thank you for remembering my birthday. Your card and ______ were a lovely surprise
20. Thank you for the ___________________, it’s my favorite gift this year.

I found a great website with other thank-you note suggestions, in case these dont’ meet your needs. Check out My Thank-You Site

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