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1st Birthday Party

First birthday parties can be so much fun. Tori Spelling’s daughter recently turned one. Stella had a Ladybug themed birthday party.

“Stella was clapping her hands and enjoying the music,” says a guest of the birthday girl, who wore a white silk dress decorated with ladybugs and red patent-leather shoes from Sweet Shoes. “And Tori and Liam were singing along to the songs.” When it was time to cut the giant ladybug-shaped cake, Stella first carefully dipped a finger in the red frosting before rolling over and laying down in the middle of the cake, covering herself in frosting from top to toe.”

Another celebrity baby that recently celebrated a first birthday is little Blakesley, daughter of Trista & Ryan from The Bachelorette

“Blakesley’s first year has been the best year of my life. It is definitely more hectic, but that’s the nature of it all…add another person, albeit tiny, to the mix and the juggling act gets a bit more chaotic. I do have to say that even though it is a bit harder, it is also more filled with love and laughter, and for that, it is worth it…a million times over!”

Blakesley had an Alice in Wonderland birthday Theme for her 1st birthday party.

Recently, on Yahoo Answers, a mother asked for help planning her daughter’s 1st birthday party. Stayathomemom.com said:

She is one. She is really not going to remember what you give her. The important thing is the tactile experience – what she can put her hands on. If you are going to have a cake that you want other people to actually eat then have that one but also make her a little cake that she can blow out the candle and actually mess with if she wants to. My mom did this for my kids on their first birthday and it was great because invariably little hands went into the frosting and you really don’t want to be saying NOOOOO to a the little darling on their big day.

As far as gifts don’t splurge. The most important thing for them is the unwrapping. Make the unwrapping of the present just as fun as the actual gift. Bright shiny paper and a pretty bow that she can put on top of her head make for great pictures.

She is not going to remember that day when she is older but she will love the pictures you take. If you teach kids early that it is not about the stuff but more about the experience you will be helping them out in the long run.

One of my girlfriends, who has a huge extended family, always had big family parties for the kids birthdays. The relatives all got together and played music and brought potluck dinner and there was lots of laughing and great pictures.

For your older daughter too – it is not so much about the actual gift but instead that during a very busy holiday season she is important enough to have a special day just for her. A birthday celebration for a December baby can be very important. And this birthday is definitely not about the gifts (because by June it will be a blur and she may not be able to remember if she got that one gift for Christmas or her birthday) but she will remember that you made time for her to have a special day celebrating her.

Whatever you do have a super fun birthday day. Its a very special time.

Which was refreshing amidst the other responses.

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