Easy Balloon Arches

Birthday Balloon Arch

I am so proud of myself- I made the coolest balloon archway for the entrance to the bubble party. I had a lot of clear balloons floating around everywhere, and I made giant play bubble wands with cardboard (it was so easy) the kids had a great time. I thought it was going to be easy to figure out, i had some nylon ribbon and I was just tying the balloons to it, but they were awkward and didn’t sit right and it was taking forever because I was using directions I’d found on like wikiHow or something. So then I downloaded the Balloon Decor Secrets ebook and it was so much easier. Plus, she has so many ideas for different balloon things you can make. The book is intended to help you make a business of balloon things. i imagine if you already had a catering company or a florist company, adding balloon stuff would be a good way to make more money with catering or with flower arrangements- wedding planning, party planning, etc. But the eBook is priced low enough that even I (the lady with 6 kids) could afford it.

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