Easy Balloon Arches

Flower Fairy Birthday Streamers

Make fairy party decorations.

You can make paper flower streamers and it’s so easy.  Picture a giant Hawaiian lei, strung up from the ceiling, trailing down chairs, they’re beautiful.

These worked well for our Tinker bell party, but would also do well with a Hawaiian Luau, or a tropical party, a Secret Garden party, even a Barbie or Dora the Explorer party.

Cut several 6 inch circles from a stack of colorful tissue paper.

Pinch together the center of the circle, and staple. Then, snip into the “petals” about 1/2-1 inch deep and then “wrinkle” the petals.  That’s all there is to it.  To string them up, thread a needle with fishing line and “sew” them together, use a knot at the bast of each flower 9wrapped around the staple) for stability.  They can be close together or far apart.  I liked mine with about 10 inches between the flowers because I hung them with white Christmas lights and green ivy.  I also added ribbon to the ends of them.  The gola was a wild and messy look that’s part cartoon magic and part nature.

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