Easy Balloon Arches

Art Party Favors

For an art themed party:

Pick up some dollar store coloring books and crayons. Lay the box of crayons on top of the coloring book and roll it up with a ribbon.

You can also give watercolor paints and paintbrushes.

HINT: If you buy these items during back-to-school shopping season, they can be really cheap. We get bottles of elmer’s glue and boxes crayons for 25cents at Wal Mart every August-September. I end up spending like $40 a year and we NEVER EVER EVER run out. In fact, I’m thinking w might skip the notebooks this year. We usually get 2 cases (48 notebooks) and we have about half a case left this year, I guess that’s off topic. Anyway, these notebooks are usually ten cents each but this year they’re 15 cents, which is still a LOT cheaper than the #notbacktoschool price at any drug or grocery store, which is anywhere from $1-$4.

An artist’s smock or apron
A set of high quality acrylic starter paints
A potato and a cookie cutter, with instructions for making potato stampers

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