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Plan a Birthday Party in Just 4 Weeks

Your child’s birthday party is approaching and you want it to be special. Following is a checklist of items to consider when planning your child’s birthday party.

4 Weeks before the Birthday Party

*Select the date, time and location of the birthday party.
*Get the birthday child involved by letting them pick out the theme. Party themes can range from a favorite character to their favorite place (e.g. a pool, bouncy house, or park) or time of year (e.g. a summertime luau theme for a winter party).

3 Weeks before the Birthday Party

*Create the guest list.
*Determine if you will need to arrange for party helpers based on the size of the guest list.
*Mail the invitations.
*Plan the party activities, such as a scavenger hunt or a piƱata where it’s easy for everyone to join in on the fun.
*Think about decorations. Consider a welcome sign and colored streamers. This is a great activity for the birthday child to help with the night before the party.
*Plan the menu. Will it be held at a time where you will need to serve pizza or chicken fingers for lunch, for example? Or, will it be held during a time where a snack may be required? Are you hosting the party off-site? If so, does the facility have special requirements regarding food?
*Determine the party favors. Character-themed bags are a nice addition to a themed-party, though not necessary. Sometimes seasonal bags offer a fun change, such as a bucket (which serves as the party bag) filled with a shovel, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or other activities for a summertime party.

1 to 2 Weeks before the Birthday Party

*Buy a birthday present for your child!
*Buy the party supplies, decorations and favors.
*Order the birthday cake (unless you plan to make it yourself) and the helium balloons.

1 to 2 Days before the Birthday Party

*Pinpoint an exact guest count by calling those who have not responded.
*Prepare the party food.
*Decorate the area and prepare for any activities and games.
*Pick up the cake, helium balloons and any last minute supplies.

The Day of the Birthday Party

*Set out the food, plates, napkins, juice boxes, etc., or order the food, such as pizza, as appropriate.
*Place your present for the birthday child in an area to serve as a precedent for where guests should drop off presents.
*Set the bags in a spot where you will remember to hand them out to guests when the party is over.
*Make sure your camera is accessible! If you feel you will be busy managing food and activities, assign a trusted friend or family member to snap photos of the party or videotape it.

*Above all, remember that this event is being held to celebrate your child. Don’t worry if you end up one juice box short, or if something goes awry with one of the planned activities. Once the party begins, relax and enjoy the smile on your child’s face.

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