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Planning a Slumber Party

Have you ever wondered how to plan a slumber party? Sleepovers can be a lot of fun for kids. I remember the worst slumber party I ever went to as a child was one where the girl’s mother actually tucked us into bed at 8:30 p.m. What was she thinking? I was bored stiff. The fun of a sleepover is NOT SLEEPING.

We have a few tips for planning slumber parties
1- have a second room where kids can go to sleep if they’re too tired to stay with the up-all-night crowd
2- offer nutritious foods as well as junk food. You might be surprised that kids like real food, don’t underestimate them.
3- rent a few movies, the latest releases or golden oldies that kids might never have seen before, or have girls bring their favorites
4- have a high energy activity available, like a trampoline, swimming or a dance video
5- don’t make them be quiet or sleep, period. No one will attend the next sleepover. Give up on any notion of sleep that you may have. I’ll never forget the time I awoke to “we will we will rock you. stomp stomp clap” at 4am. I rolled over & went back to sleep, feeling a little grumpy. The following week, my girls were the stars, as everyone said it was the best sleepover they had EVER been to.
6- plan for an early pick-up time. Because you’ll need a nap. Let the girls know that their parents need to pick them up by 9am.
7- If they’re doing facials or makeovers, make sure that you designate an area that’s easy to clean up. Unless you don’t mind nail polish on your couch.
8. Plan a scavenger hunt.

Andrea’s slumber party became a defining moment in her relationship with her mother, when Jessica realized that her daughter was truly grateful to be alive.

Jules survived his daughter’s slumber party and made a very important observation; little girls talk constantly.

Meagan’s Slumber Party
Meagan invited girls from her Junior Girl Scout troop for a combination slumber party and food preparation badge. They did all of the planning for the badge and executed it all overnight, culminating in a restaurant at pick-up time.

SD’s mom had a hard time letting her baby (9) go off to her first sleepover but she did great, surviving two back-to-back nights of slumber party fun.

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