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Twilight Birthday Party for Teens and Tweens (and maybe adults)

According to Jamie Hobbs, the author of Planning a Twilight Birthday Party Alice threw a great birthday party for Bella and you can use that for inspiration when panning your teen’s birthday party with a Twilight theme.

Twilight Themed Party

The genius behind the Jamie’s Twilight birthday party planning method is that it involves the cooperation of your daughter’s friends. Recruit her best friends to do the dirty work, so that you can be sure not to do anything dorky.

Twilight Party Favors
Online party supply vendors have jumped on the bandwagon offering several Twilight themed posters, tablecloths, napkins, plates and other birthday party supplies. They should be easy to find online and at your local party supply store.

Twilight Invitations

You can use the book covers for inspiration, PhotoShop your daughter into screenshots from the movie or check Jamie’s article for additional suggestions.

Twilight Party Games

In Twilight, the presence of any birthday party games were overshadowed by the overwhelming distraction, first of a paper-cut and then a gushing bloody broken-vase injury. Be sure to plan safe games and offer up good prizes. Teens like Starbucks gift cards, art supplies and of course, Twilight items. You can probably find key chains, bookmarks and other accessories fairly easily. Order in bulk online and save money.

And, if I haven’t mentioned it, check out Planning a Twilight Birthday Party by Jamie Hobbs and Twilight Birthday Cakes.

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