Easy Balloon Arches

Bug Themed Birthday Party

Bug themes are popular for preschoolers and boys, but don’t overlook ladybugs, dragonflies and butterflies for a little girl’s party either

Bug party Entertainment

look for local bug enthusiasts, if you have an agricultural research center nearby, a college entomologist or just a neighbor who collects bugs would all be good choices for entertainment.

Big party Foods

Chocolate covered ants, ants on a log, grasshopper cookies, lollipops with worms inside, there are a lot of edible bugs and food that just has bug names or looks buggy

Bug Party Decorations

Stack foam cups together loosely and use them for caterpillars,  They’re lightweight and can hang from the ceiling.  use a paper disposable worl for the face and paint them with spray acrylic paint (don’t use spray paint on styrofoam, it will disintegrate into a toxic mess.)

Bug Party Activities

You can use these free plans from Lowes to build bug boxes with scrap wood and window screens.  You can also make bug traps (yellow cardstock covered in maple syrup) to hang from a tree.

Bug Party Invitations

Several online vendors sell bug themed invitations, when you’re browsing our sponsored vendors, look for things like ladybugs, butterflies, worms and crickets.  You might also want to use a frog.  you can make invitations, a popup card would be fun with a bug theme.  check out our invitation making guide for tricks you can do with paper to make homemade invitations.

Bug Birthday Cakes

Try our caterpillar cupcakes on the cupcake page, otherwise you can make a beehive cake and decorate it with plastic bumblebees.  a cake of grass with a fondant picnic blanket would be adorable with little plastic ants.

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