Easy Balloon Arches

Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

A carnival theme is popular for birthdays

Carnival Party Invitations

  • make it look like a carnival flyer using a desktop publishing program
  • send them “tickets” to your carnival party
  • Carnival Party Foods

  • cotton candy
  • popcorn
  • funnel cakes
  • deep fried anything
  • corn dogs
  • corn on the cob
  • hamburgers
  • frozen bananas
  • Carnival Party Decorations

  • use cotton candy bags to cover the wall so it looks like a cotton candy stand
  • use a roll of red butcher paper and make it look like curtains
  • make a “big top” with red and white streamers
  • Homemade Carnival Party Games

  • ring toss
  • pop bottle bowling
  • dart throwing
  • bean bag tossing games
  • throwing ping pong balls into fishbowls
  • basketball
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