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How to Make a Bean Bag Tossing Game

There are a few ways you can do this, a bean bag toss works well for all ages.

1- place a few baskets, buckets or rubbermain boxes at the end of a “lane” similar to bowling – each bin has a different point value

2- cut large holes from a piece of plywood and paint the area around the holes to indicate the points each hole is worth

3- forget about the values and just cut one hole – and paint a funny picture on the front, an open-mouthed clown would work well for a circus or carnival party. The name of the game could be “feed the clowns” or something.

4- shaped beanbags could change the game, too. If you have access to fish-shaped beanbags for example, you could paint your plywood to look like a sea lion or a shark. Food shaped beanbags can be thrown at a fruit stand. I’m sure that there’s something funny a beany baby could be thrown at. Any ideas?

For more carnival type games, see “Making Games.

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