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Spa Makeover Birthday Parties – Manicure Parties

Is your teen or tween wanting a manicure spa makeover party? Before you start inviting people, you might want to learn a little more about manicures. These tips come straight from my manicurist.

Manicure Party Tips

• Massage olive oil into your cuticles instead of cuticle oil. Olive oil has the same molecular shape & size as human sebum, so it truly hydrates & protects your skin

• Combine one part honey and two parts sugar for a great at-home exfoliating foot scrub. it works best if your skin is moist and hydrated, so apply it after a foot soak

• If you mess up while polishing, don’t sweat it. Allow the nails (mess up and all) to dry and then use a qtip with polish remover to go over it. Make sure that the remover doesn’t drip onto the polished surface, either keep it fairly dry or turn the fingers (or toes0 to the side, so that the drip drips in the opposite direction.

• Avoid overtrimming the toenails, the ideas shape is flat at the tip (not rounded) and extends almost to the tip of the toe. Trimming them too short can encourage overgrowth and lead to infection from an ingrown toenail.

• Here in California, professional manicurists must soak metal instruments in rubbing alcohol for at least ten minutes in order to prevent the spread of nail fungus. Other states mandate different soak times, and some states mandate that they be sterilized with heat, in an autoclave oven. For home parties, just get each girl their own take-home manicure kit, I’ve seen them at dollar stores.

• Finally, always use a base coat when painting your nails, this protects your nail beds and prevents it from being stained. It also creates a nice even surface for polish to adhere to.

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