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How to Write Poetic Invitations

Make a list of everything that has anything to do with your theme.

For example- if it was a Hawaiian Luau, I’d make a lit of things like “hula, luau, pig, sand, waves, beach, island, pineapple, fruit, lei and things like that

Then I’d answer the 5 w’s

Lindsay’s birthday party in the big picnic area at the park saturday at 2pm

Then I’d start to look for rhymes

Lindsey- is king of like Island-y
picnig area that’s big can rhyme with pig

Aloha. I, Lindsey and feeling Islandy,
please come to my Luau,
you’re sure to say wow.

We’ll meet at 2pm and roast a pig
at the park, in the area that’s big

Come at two
I’d like to see you

And we’ll have some good times
eating limes
because they rhymes

Anyway- they do not have to be perfect. The goofier the better. It gets the point across.

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